Monday, July 23, 2007

Independents Are Watching

Let's see what develops at the YouTube/CNN debate tonight!

Watch, comment....

As an independent, you get used to seeing things shut down during an election season. The closer to the election, the more the Dems scream that any vote for a Repub is tantamount to a vote for the Devil, and any vote for a third-party candidate (and there have been more and more of them....) is also tantamount to a vote for the Devil by way of not voting for the Dem... You know the drill.

So an interesting development in the 2008 campaign: Billary and Edwards The Populist seem to think that cutting out anti-war and insurgent candidates like Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson 17 months out will bring out their natural abilities to lead the country in a more Democratic direction.

Howard Dean got an earfull on that from voters...

Watch the YouTube/CNN debate and email The Hankster with your comments for publication on Tuesday.

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PresidentAdams said...

I had great hope that this debate would be different, but the politicians are too skilled - at avoiding questions, even from average Americans on video. :(