Wednesday, July 11, 2007


  • Independent voters have been saying "no" to John McCain, now his top aide quits (Detroit News) and waiting in the wings - who else? Rudy Giuliani (Newsday)
  • In the year of the Independent, small political donors become a badge of good campaigning (USA Today) but Sen. Majority Whip Richard Durbin doesn't think Obama's small donors end the war in Iraq any time soon... (Washington Post)
  • Nicholas von Hoffman (the mondoweiss) wants Mike Bloomberg to run (NY Sun)
  • Cindy Sheehan Will Need 10,198 Signatures If She Runs (Ballot Access News) and she is set to to Lead Rally in Charlottesville, Va July 20 (Scoop - New Zealand)
  • And speaking of the impeachment movement -- Vermont activists are targeting Peter Welch for an independent challenge next year (Montpelier Times Argus)
  • Other independent challenges coming from Camden NJ police chief Venegas (Courier Post Online) and Macon GA's Veronica Brinson for mayor (13 Eyewitness News Local-Macon GA )
  • Ballot access fights for independent candidates continue in Oklahoma and Ohio...

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rose said...

Independent voters have rejected McCain for being pro-war, pro-Bush, and a right-winger. When the polls show that 70% of independents don't approve of Bush's performance, it indicates the independent voter has moved to the left. What could famed right-winger Giuliani offer to them that McCain can't?

The better question might be, what is Giuliani independent of?