Sunday, November 02, 2008


Have the party without me (Houma Today/The Courier - Houma, LA) None of those things influenced my decision more than two decades ago to shun established political parties and register as an independent voter. I did it because I’m more interested in common-sense, practical solutions to problems facing our community, state and nation than I am about political ideology and partisanship. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a part of two clubs that, for my tastes, are more concerned about their own self interests and payback for friends, campaign contributors and other well-connected people and businesses than they are about the common welfare.

  • Changes to primary aren't a priority now (Salem Statesman Journal) Don't miss the comments!
  • Still confused about the ballot measures? (Kari Chisholm, Editor, BlueOregon) Confused? Undecided? Here's a HINT: The choice comes down to whether you want the parties or the people to have the power... Vote Yes for the People.

  • Running a Volunteer Operation With a Do-It-Yourself Attitude (NY Times) The Interstate 4 corridor in Florida, an east-west line unusually rich in independent voters, is where the Democratic stronghold of South Florida meets the state’s mostly Republican north.
  • Florida Republican Leader Sees a Tougher Challenge This Year (NY Times) some party officials worry that the negative tone alienates independent voters; on the other hand, it has pushed volunteers to great lengths.
  • PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS: Poll gives Obama edge - McCain trails by 4 points among likely Nevada voters (Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • We Matter. You Don't! (Boston Globe) Last month, Ohio was the hand-wringing center of attention in lengthy stories in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and this newspaper. The state hosted two days of NPR's Talk of the Nation, and our state capital was the choice for CNN's focus group of independent voters who were asked to weigh in on the second presidential debate.
  • Galesburg expected to choose Obama (Galesburg Register Mail) Ward 2 showed a strong win for Obama although there were 15 independent voters compared to only 10 Democrats and nine Republicans.
  • Election 2008’s Real Loser Will Be Karl Rove And Rovian Politics (By JOE GANDELMAN, The Moderate Voice) A common thread evident in talking to and reading polls about independent voters and many Americans is this: they are sick of the kind of political base mobilization politics symbolized by former Bush political maven Karl Rove.

Public to Give Mayor Earful on 3rd Term (NY Times) And don't miss Lenora Fulani speaking about this pivotal moment...

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