Sunday, November 23, 2008


  • Pollsters Debate America's Political Realignment (Washington Post) Yet realignments are often predicted and rarely occur. One reason is that they can occur only if the least political Americans, the swing voters who consider themselves independents (though they often lean toward one party), have to participate.
  • Obama Should Govern from the Left--Center--Right--All of the Above (Commentary By Lee Russ, Watching the Watchers) I'd venture that most of us who voted for Obama did so at least partly because he appears to have the character and temperament to make wise choices, to listen to many opinions, to be persuaded by external facts that a change in course might be needed, and to see beyond rigid, divisive labels that constrict rather than further debate.
  • Obama's identity crisis - Pundits can't decide who they want him to be (By Michael Mccord, Virtually ignoring that an election just took place, Newsweek sets its ideological boundary by claiming yet again that the country remains "right of center" politically (even before the election, Newsweek offered a take-your-cod-liver-oil cover story, assuming Obama's victory and warning him not to forget it's a center-right country).

Comptroller Gives Mayor Low Marks on Schools (by Vladic Ravich, Queens Chronicle) The conference featured a wide variety of speakers, such as develpmental psychologist Lenora Fulani, who advocated “play, curiosity and exploration” as crucial factors for lifting young people out of neighborhoods filled with crime and poverty. h/t to David M. Quintana at Lost in the Ozone

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