Monday, June 20, 2011

Death of Duopoly: Independent Voters on the Rise


  • Death of the Duopoly -Being binary is bad for business, so when will politics cure its bipolar disorder? Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch on the lessons Washington should learn from the real world. (By NICK GILLESPIE and MATT WELCH, Wall Street Journal) As the number of independents rises, voters who are free from party affiliations are more inclined to view political claims with due skepticism. By refusing to confer legitimacy on the two accepted forms of political organization and discourse, they hint strongly that another form is gathering to take their place.
  • More SD voters say ‘independent’ (By: Bob Mercer, The Daily Republic) There were 88,450 independents registered as of June 15, according to the latest numbers from the state elections office. That is a record number.
  • INDEPENDENT VOTERS MUST TAKE TO FACEBOOK TO GROW THEIR MOVEMENT (by Christopher A. Guzman, CAIVN) As the 'mainstream' media airwaves are often charged with heated and polarizing rhetoric, many citizens are looking for an alternative. In light of Pew's findings, the time is ripe for Independent voters to effectively spread their message to their disillusioned peers regarding which candidates and issues they believe deserve a chance to be heard.

REGION: Prop. 14 will bring as much change as legislative redistricting (By MARK WALKER, North County Times) Minor-party candidates have little chance of appearing in general elections because members of the Green or Libertarian parties, for example, rarely command enough votes to finish first or second in votes cast in the primary.

University of Michigan Press is About to Re-Publish Error-Plagued Election Data Book (Ballot Access News) It does not include any Libertarian presidential candidates, not even Ed Clark in 1980 who got 921,299 votes. But it does include Lenora Fulani’s vote in both 1988 and 1992, even though in 1992 she placed fifth (with 73,714 votes), behind not only Ross Perot (who is included) but also behind Andre Marrou (the Libertarian, who received 291,627 votes, but who is not included) and Bo Gritz (the Populist Party nominee, with 107,014 votes, also not included).

Arizona schools look at Florida as reform model (by Pat Kossan, The Arizona Republic) But the question is, will such reforms produce the same positive effects in this state as they did in the other? Florida enacted reforms before the 2007-09 recession, which gutted state coffers nationwide. Arizona lacks the money to fully implement Florida's reforms, such as training for teachers, bonuses for schools that improve or free preschool.

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YowYow said...

You better wake up.

Most states have shutdown the Independent voter by cutting them out of the most important part of the voting process-choosing candidates during the primaries.

The states hide these changes under the guise of issues of duplicate voting and illegal votes (dead people votes, felon votes, illegal immigrant votes, etc).

The primaries are where incumbents can be easily replaced. By forcing the Independents out of the primaries, incumbents are more likely to retain their office.

Don't think being an Independent is where it's at. You will be forced to vote either Democrat or Republican or eventually not at all.