Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gov Cuomo: "Indies Don't Exist" Ha Ha!

  • New Law on Ethics May Face Challenge (By JACOB GERSHMAN, Wall Street Journal) By enshrining into law the perpetual dominance of Republicans and Democrats in overseeing ethics codes, Mr. Cuomo and lawmakers could be infringing on the rights of unaffiliated and minor-party citizens… There are about eight million active registered Democrats and Republicans in New York. An additional two million voters aren't enrolled with a particular party, while several hundred thousand are members of minor groups, such as the Conservative Party and Working Families Party.
  • Fred Thiele: Above the law? (by Jimmy Vielkind, Albany Times Union/Capitol Confidential) But there is currently one lawmaker who is an enrolled Independence Party member: Fred Thiele, of Suffolk County, a Republican turned Independent who now caucuses with the majority Demcorats.
  • POLL: Obama Has Some Work To Do With Independents (Richard Kreitner, Business Insider) The president's re-election ultimately hinges on whether he can secure roughly 50% of self-described "independent" voters. The Washington Post/ABC News Poll indicates that it won't be easy.
  • Obama’s approval gains among young and independents disappear (By Scott Clement, Washington Post/Post Politics)
Dan Walters: New California legislative maps make good on promise of reform (By Dan Walters, Modesto Bee) An increase in swing districts would mean that right-wing Republicans and left-wing Democrats would no longer be assured of winning seats after nomination. The state's new "top-two" primary system would, at least in theory, also work against ideological rigidity. Together, they could create new and perhaps decisive blocs of moderates from both parties.

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