Monday, July 11, 2011

California Independents Set to Influence Tuesday Open Primary

Fred Newman, Controversial Political Activist And Philosopher, Dies At 76 (Gothamist) According to his website, "Fred Newman is the public philosopher who for 30 years has translated the most progressive ideals of the 1960s into effective instruments of social and personal transformation," but the NY Times' obituary sums it up more elegantly: "Fred Newman’s influential role in New York life and politics defied easy description."


  • `Jungle' primary sets up close 36th District race Tuesday (By Eric Bradley, DAILY BREEZE) Democrats hold an 18 percentage-point registration advantage over Republicans in the coastal South Bay district. However, a quarter of voters decline to state a party preference, and low turnout - 16 percent of voters cast a ballot in May - is expected to play a large role in whether Republicans can pull off an upset.
  • GOP looks for upset in race for Calif. House seat (By MICHAEL R. BLOOD, AP) One unknown is the role of independent voters, who account for 22 percent of the district's electorate. Statewide, voters who decline to state a party preference typically side slightly more with Democrats than Republicans, but also tend to be unpredictable and more fiscally conservative than typical Democrats.
  • 'Madness Abounds' as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls (San Francisco Chronicle) The primaries are the opening skirmish in a state at political war. The six districts in tomorrow's races have Republicans running as Democrats, hoping to win the nomination and effectively render the Aug. 9 recall votes meaningless.

Independence Party backs Democrat for Weiner's former seat (AM New York) “We’ve worked with him before and we think he’ll be a wonderful candidate,” party Chairman Frank MacKay said yesterday of Weprin, a Queens assemblyman.

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