Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Primary Determined in Open Primaries, No Party Voter Registration


  • Wisconsin Democrats say likely to recall governor in 2012 (Reuters) "The Republican Party of Wisconsin is in a weaker position electorally than anyone could have thought possible in January of this year," Tate said. "They have destroyed any independent voters that came out and gave them a chance last November." In all, six Republican senators who supported the anti-union measure, and three Democrats who opposed it, will be forced to defend their seats this summer after recall petitions were signed by thousands of disgruntled voters. The law, which dismantled key bargaining rights for most Wisconsin public sector employees, triggered the biggest opposition demonstrations in the state since the Vietnam War.
  • Wisconsin recall election results in win for Democrats (The State Column) Unlike many other U.S. states, Wisconsin has open primaries and no official party registration, allowing Republicans to run as Democrats and vote in Democratic primaries, and vice versa for Democrats.

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