Friday, July 29, 2011

NY CD 9th Special: David, Goliath and Independent Wild Card?

  • City & State First Read (City Hall & The Capitol) A rumor making the rounds contends Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is pushing hard to deliver Jews for Weprin… How high are the odds stacked against independent candidates in special elections? Ask Justin Wax Jacobs, a college student...
  • David Is Goliath (LETTER To The Editor, Queens Tribune) Turner will have to rely primarily on ordinary, local, non-political, community-based volunteers. Other than Councilman Eric Ulrich and Brooklyn State Sen. Marty Golden, he has no local GOP/Conservative public officials to assist him. His recent endorsement by former Mayor Ed Koch will move some Jewish, Democratic and Independent voters into Turner’s column. Unfortunately for Turner, many of Koch’s supporters from decades ago have moved out of town or passed away.

Capital Tonight: Is the Tea Party ready to govern? (By: Allison Sandza, YNN Austin) NOTE: The article is worth reading for Texas politics, but more significant is that YNN has expanded to Austin where it has taken over Austin New 8. YNN is controlled by Time Warner Cable.

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