Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ron Paul Leaves Congress to Concentrate on Repub Prez Bid

US Rep. Ron Paul of Texas to Retire From Congress (By CHRIS TOMLINSON Associated Press, ABC News) Paul said that he was disappointed in how his district was redrawn by the Texas Legislature following the 2010 census. His new district is less heavily Republican.

"Ron Paul has long been an unorthodox politician, someone who's defied GOP politicians as well as Democrats," party spokeswoman Kirsten Gray said. "He's likely to carry that quality into the GOP presidential field, where he could cause problems for Rick Perry and other Republicans by calling them out for the hypocrisy and inconsistency within their party."
Perry is weighing whether to enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination, and has been reaching out to Republican officeholders in New Hampshire and Iowa.
Paul, a former obstetrician, has served 12 terms in Congress from a Southeast Texas district along the Gulf Coast south of Houston. He was first elected in 1976 in a special election, but later lost the general election. He won again in 1978, but stepped down in 1984. In 1988 he ran for president as a Libertarian.

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