Thursday, August 11, 2011

And Now a Word From Networks Networks in the News:
  • S&P DOWNGRADE: America's Other Deficit (Harry Kresky, Huffington Post) Partisanship is not a psychological illness. It is imbedded in the very structure of our political system. When times are good and the economy is growing, short term compromise (if not long term planning) can be achieved. When they are not, the ability of the political system to navigate tricky waters becomes less and less stable, more and more partisan.  
  • 2012: Capturing the Disgruntled Independent Vote (MP3 AUDIO - interview with Anna Sale, WNYC/The Take Away) Audio report features Jackie Salit and and Ted Downing 
  • NEW YORK: Rank partisanship poisons our political process (LETTER Staten Island Advance, By SARAH LYONS) Recently I was in front of Pathmark with a fellow Independent, talking to shoppers about what’s going on in Washington with the budget debate. Across the board — Democrat, Republican, independent — everyone we spoke with was deeply concerned about the partisanship that has come to define our political process.

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