Monday, August 08, 2011

Third Party Independent Presidential Run Unlikely?

  • Third-party resurgence seems unlikely (By: RICHARD SINCERE, Richmond Times Dispatch) If the electorate's mood really favors a third-party surge, we would be seeing it in Virginia. There would be a demand for third-party and independent candidates for the General Assembly, and candidates would rise to meet that demand. Yet according to records available through the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), there are only seven independent candidates seeking election to the 100-member House of Delegates this year. There are four independent candidates for the 40-member state Senate.
  • The Untransformational President - Barack Obama hoped to elevate American politics. Instead, our politics may destroy his presidency. (by Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast) But other reasons have to do with Obama himself. To begin with, says historian Eric Rauchway of the University of California, Davis, Obama misapprehends history.

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