Saturday, August 06, 2011

Arizona Top Two Abolish Party Primaries

Arizona Group Wants to Abolish Party Primaries (KSAZ- Fox Phoenix) The Arizona Open Government Coalition wants to replace the party primaries with a single-primary system open to all voters. The two candidates with the most votes would advance to the general election, regardless of party affiliation.

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Chumgrinder said...

It's a ridiculous idea. If you think your choices NOW are limited to a giant hygiene appliance or a disgusting sandwich, Top Two will limit your choices to a disgusting sandwich with mustard or without.

There's an old joke that if the Democrats submitted a bill demanding the immediate arson of the Library of Congress, Republicans would rise to denounce it and insist that the fire be phased in over several years. This is what you get when you eliminate mavericks from the process. I don't WANT more of these people elected. I want people with genuinely new ideas, because the old ideas aren't working. You won't get that by allowing the unlettered electorate, whose sole investment in the political process is to suck down slanted lamestream media newscasts for 52 weeks and then show up for five minutes on election day, to dumb down the process any further than they already have.