Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Do Independents Want? Congress Should Investigate Biases Against Full Participation in Political Process by Nonpartisan Voters

  • According to, over 2,000 letters, postcards and petitions have been sent to members of Congress over the summer to 1) educate Congress and shine a light on the effect of partisan control of the election process, namely that 40% of Americans have a second class status; and 2) to urge Congress to investigate these biases by holding hearings.
  • Anna Sale Talks with Independent Voters  (The Brian Lehrer Show) VIDEO
  • Anna and the Independent Voter: Targeting Minorities (WNYC) AUDIO
  • Poll: Double digit support for hypothetical Independent Presidential candidates (by Damon Eris, CAIVN) "Despite their grumbling, Democrats remain pretty united behind Obama, and six of the seven possible independent candidates would hurt Romney more than the president," writes Dustin Ingalls in an analysis of the results at the PPP blog.
  • AP-GfK Poll: Obama faces trouble with key voters (By KEN THOMAS and JENNIFER AGIESTA, Forbes) Obama will have to win over people such as Brian Arnold, 33, of Pickerington, Ohio. He's an independent who voted for Obama in 2008 because he liked the Democrat's outsider image. Now, Arnold says he's undecided and down on Obama. "He got elected, it was a big party and after that he went back to being a politician. As soon as he got in office, he just did more of the same."


richardwinger said...

I like the headline of this blog post, because it implies that IndependentVoting wants congressional hearings on all the ways that independents are discriminated against. But when I look on IndependentVoting's web page, it only says it wants congressional hearings on how independent voters are treated, and says nothing about how independent candidates are treated. I have been trying for weeks to get IndependentVoting to see if it is also worried about discrimination against independent candidates. Maybe you can push that along. Thank you.

Nancy Hanks said...

Richard, this is disingenuous. You know very well that is organizing independent voters, not candidates. has focused on voters' issues for at least 10 years. You know this. Furthermore, you also know that the founders and activists of were in the forefront of the fight for fair ballot access in the eighties and early nineties.

My advice to you is to continue to work on fair ballot access for independent candidates in a positive manner and coalesce with whenever you can. Your negativity and baiting is not winning any friends among independents. You lose credibility every time you show your -- and pro-party -- attitude. Give it up, bro.