Monday, October 31, 2011

Demand for Open Primaries and Congressional Hearings on Status of Independent Voters Appears at Occupy Wall Street Protests

  • Start by listening (Star Press - Indiana, Written by AUDREY KIRBY, Muncie) Not every person lining Wall Street is a jobless hippie or just another loquacious liberal. Many of those protesting are independent voters with no commitment to one political party. They're exercising their First Amendment right, and quite frankly, they are sick of the extreme imbalance of the nation's wealth as well as the dishonesty associated with those who have most of it.
  • Occupy Harlem Campaign launched (By Donna Lamb, Black Star News) Two political proposals sought endorsement of the Occupy Congress campaign to occupy the local offices of members of Congress unless they sign a pledge to vote down any proposed cuts to working people's programs and for a congressional hearing in Washington, DC to address the second-class status of independent voters, which make up 41 percent of the electorate.
  • Local Occupy Wall Street chapter targets lobbyists (By JASON NEVEL, State Journal Register IL) On Saturday, about 300 Occupy Springfield protesters marched through downtown before placing a notice of eviction for corporate lobbyists inside the east-side doors of the Statehouse… Cahnman, who is a candidate in the 96th District legislative race, told the crowd that lawmakers ignored the majority of their constituents when they voted against having open primaries in Illinois.

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