Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pollsters and Pundits Jockey to Control 'Occupy Wall Street' Message

You can follow global Occupy Wall Street livestream here

  • NOM trying to appeal to anger over Wall Street to raise money for its N.Y. PAC (By Sofia Resnick, American Independent) A banner reads: “Same Sex Money Dance for the NY GOP Four – Fundraiser Sponsored by Billionaires.” The ad was in response to an Oct. 13 fundraiser held for the aforementioned senators, hosted by Republican supporters of gay marriage, such as Mayor Bloomberg, hedge fund managers Paul E. Singer and Daniel S. Loeb and software entrepreneur and philanthropist Tim Gill, who founded the LGBT-rights organization the Gill Foundation in 1994.
  • Protests Present Dilemma for Democrats Views of Some Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators May Turn Off Moderates Party Seeks to Attract (By DOUGLAS BELKIN in Chicago, TAMARA AUDI in Los Angeles and DANNY YADRON in Washington, D.C., Wall Street Journal) Of the protesters interviewed by Journal reporters at random in New York, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area, about a third said they are unemployed and nearly three quarters said they have college degrees or are pursuing them. About a quarter identified themselves as Democrats. Most called themselves independent or unaffiliated. The median age was 26.
  • Swing voters respond better to ‘99 percent’ than ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (Posted by Suzy Khimm, Washington Post/ Wonkblog) So far, it’s not “Occupy Wall Street,” but its companion slogan, “We are the 99 percent,” that most effectively captures independent support, according to preliminary findings by Celinda Lake, a leading Democratic pollster…. By contrast, “ ‘We are the 99 percent’ had a much more immediately political, values-oriented connection. ‘That’s me, that’s what’s wrong, the 1 percent is greedy,’ ” Lake explained. (She adds that the slogan was explained to focus groups as pitting the 99 percent against the 1 percent.)

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