Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gary Byrd to replace Gil Noble on "Like It Is"?

  • Like It Is: Activists Seek Gary Byrd to carry torch from Gil Noble (Special To The Black Star News) Members of CEMOTAP, DECEMBER 12th Movement, National Black United Front, The Original Black Panther Party, Board For the Education of People of African Ancestry, People's Organization for Progress, Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence and The Freedom Party  were there in full force. They were united in their demand that Byrd be given the opportunity to replace the recently retired Gil Noble, host of  the award winning series "Like It Is."  Noble holds the copyright to the title "Like it Is”, so the station was planning to change the title of a new show to "Here and Now."
  • The pension deal: What does John Liu walk away with? (By Colby Hamilton, WNYC/ The Empire) That being said, the most interesting thing is that the agreement essentially strips the Comptroller’s office—this or future ones—of one of its main duties.

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