Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Can People Determine the American Election Process?

  • Should Voting Be Mandatory? Or are there already too many people casting ballots? Choice and Competition (Richard H. Pildes, NY Times) Citizen-led redistricting, open primaries and public financing of elections would bring out more voters. NOTE: Please see William Kelleher's post on The Hankster from earlier today Should Americans Be Forced To Vote?
  • People’s Veto is move in right direction (By Doug Rooks, Sun Journal - Lewiston Maine) Hearings on LD 1376 yielded no evidence that the 38-year practice of Election Day registration, or EDR, caused any problems. Yet the bill’s pedigree, sponsored by House Speaker Robert Nutting, with Senate President Kevin Raye co-sponsoring, suggested Republicans were serious about eliminating an option used by 45,000 voters in 2008 alone.


Zebster said...

Congrats to the people of Ohio, which is good for all of us; and here in Maine we're well on the way to winning Question One as well.
I've written a couple of posts on this subject lately and was hoping I could get back on the blogroll.

Nancy Hanks said...

Zebster! Great to hear from you!! Absolutely, you are back on the blogroll -- and consider doing a special report for The Hankster! NH

Zebster said...

email on the way and thanks again.