Monday, November 21, 2011

Maine: Eliot Cutler and Americans Elect

Independent Just Like Maine
Cutler seeks to shake up presidential race (By David Carkhuff, The Portland Daily Sun) Today, Cutler is a board member for Americans Elect, a national group spearheading an online nominating process that aims to give voters the power to choose a presidential candidate in 2012. Cutler seeks to shake up presidential race.


Zebster said...

I've said many times I'd like more choices, even though being independent means not wanting an Independent Party. And I've voted for indies not caring whether that could swing an election from a liberal to a conservative BUT I feel a strong Third Party candidate in the 2012 Presidential field would be disastrous.

Nancy Hanks said...

Zebster - always appreciate your comments. Please say more about your feelings about a Third Party candidate in 2012 -- maybe write a post about it? - NH