Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Independent Presidential Run in 2012

  • Antsy Voters Look for a Third Way - When Perot First Ran, 39% Were Dissatisfied; Today It's 81%. 'Something Is Going to Explode' (By NEIL KING JR., Wall Street Journal) So far, no national figure has stepped forward to run outside the two-party system. But some veteran pollsters say public disenchantment is so strong that someone is bound to try to fill the vacuum. And the opportunity is only likely to grow, they say, with the collapse this week of Congress's bipartisan deficit-cutting committee, which many read as another sign of Washington's inability to solve problems.
  • Democrats should fear a third-party challenge in 2012 - Independent runs by Ron Paul or Sarah Palin could cripple the GOP — but they're unlikely. A presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg, on the other hand... (Edward Morrissey, The Week)

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Ryan said...

I am a former registered Republican and changed my registration to what NY calls Blank. I consider myself an independent. While I tend to be conservative, I can no longer consider myself a Republican.

That being said, I am sick and tired of the two party system and started voting third party candidates in recent years. There are those who insist I am wasting my vote, but I say wasting my vote is voting for one of two major candidates I do not support. I did this when I George W Bush ran for reelection and regretted it. From that point forward I have tried to vote for who best represents my views.