Friday, June 02, 2006

California: What's the difference between Angelides and Westly? (no this is not a joke)

Level in governor race called 'very unusual'
By John Marelius SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE June 2, 2006 -- With less than a week until election day, the race for the Democratic nomination for governor is deadlocked, and more than one quarter of voters have yet to make up their minds, a new Field Poll shows. .... "Anybody that's an undecided voter at this point needs more information about the candidates," said Westly campaign manager Jude Barry. "And when they see that Steve Westly taught at Stanford and helped build eBay and Phil Angelides was a developer, that's a no-brainer among most Democrats." .... [more]

Now there's a brainless way to tell who's the better candidate....

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