Friday, June 16, 2006

Liberal bloggers: "It's rather the absence of philosophy"

If you haven't yet read this week's Talk/Talk "We Declare" with Fred Newman and Jackie Salit, I highly recommend it. And we'd like to know what you think. Click and read and post a comment. And don't miss Kevin's response over at Indie Castle...

Salit: But the Republican Right is organized and mobilized around certain core ideological issues which they leverage with and inside the Republican Party. The liberal blogosphere is a constituency that, arguably, has no core ideological issues, but rather…Newman: I don’t agree with that. The new ideology emerging in the Democratic Party is the ideology of winning. Salit: Okay.Newman: Winning again. That’s what they believe in. They don’t stand for anything other than winning. This is the legacy of Bill Clinton. Salit: Electability. That’s the key thing. Newman: Well, I prefer to call it “winning” because electability doesn’t get you into the White House or any other place, for that matter, if you don’t win. Salit: Okay. So that’s the “ideology” of this new movement.Newman: They’re young pragmatists. Salit: Okay. And their philosophy is; ‘We’ve got to get the Democrats back into the White House and back in control of Congress. And then good things will follow.’Newman: You can call it their philosophy. It’s rather the absence of philosophy...... [more]

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