Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oregon: Hey Repub politicians - don't cross your party!!!

Russell Sadler tells us about the numerous Repub politicians who have been "let go" because they went against the party line.....

Guest column: Don’t believe the politicians about kicker
For The Daily Astorian June 10
Beware any candidate who tells you “politicians are trying to ‘steal’ your kicker surplus refund.” There is no surplus.
The state of Oregon is broke. It is living on borrowed money to pay its operating costs. ...Sen. Ben Westlund, R-Bend, refused to be intimidated. He left the Republican Party and is running for governor as an Independent in a effort to get into a position to stop the Republican’s reckless “borrow and spend” practices.
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Kevin said...

Go Westlund!

Russell Sadler is one of the writers at the Blue Oregon blog and has written some very good posts about Westlund there.