Sunday, June 11, 2006

Texas: Grandma is going strong!

From Gromer Jeffers in the Dallas Morning News:
...Chris Bell, the party's nominee for governor, says that the built-in structure of a political party gives him the edge over independents like Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman.
The Democrats' rusty machinery, however, has slipped behind the grass-roots organizations built by Republicans in recent years. The GOP has a decided edge in using technology to find, register and turn out voters. ...

....Don't underestimate her, says Carlos Guerra in the San Antonio Express News:
She has a history of winning tight elections and then garnering huge re-election tallies — as in 1996 when she got more votes than then-Sen. Phil Gramm, and 2002, when she bested Perry and was re-elected comptroller. In both elections, Gramm and Perry were, respectively, the ticket leaders and Strayhorn was in a down-ballot race.
Now she is waiting for Perry's handpicked secretary of state to tell her if she will be one of as many as five candidates for governor on the November ballot, a race that will be won with whomever garners the most votes. ...

Strayhorn has the endorsement of the Texas State Teachers Association, which traditionally backs Dems....

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