Thursday, June 01, 2006

Unity08 - Voter revolt or dream machine for major parties?

I WANT to believe that Unity08 is a good thing, I really do! Certainly Howard Dean's campaign (before he folded his tent and went home to "mama") made inroads into a huge independent grassroots base, and really showed the potential of the internet to organize that base.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that Unity08 is more of a temporary ploy for disgruntled Dems and their Repub friends who will return to the fold, bringing their campus contacts with them. The students will of course do the legwork for whatever lesser evil the Unity08 ticket comprises (if they even get that far). CommonDreams quotes from a press release:
"We are not in this be spoilers or to hurt either party. We are in this to win, give the White House a Unity Team that can provide leadership, and along the way jolt each party back toward the voters in the center. 2008 is an historic moment of truth for the parties, the people and the nation,” said Bailey and Jordan...

Well, Unity08 seems to me to be nothing but a fundraising machine (they're handily organized as a 527) for the lesser of two evils, whoever it will be in 2008.

Like the Dixie Chicks said, I'm not ready to make nice...

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