Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do You Support Open Primaries for Independent Voters?

During the past several months, The Hankster has run a survey stating:

Independent voters are allowed to vote in primaries in 33 states, but are excluded from voting in primaries in 17 states. Do you think independents should be allowed to vote in primaries in all states?

I'm happy to report that 93.2% of the 77 votes  were positive.

I'm not surprised.

Open primaries in 33 states allowed independent and nonaligned voters to make our case for the top post of American political life. has initiated a petition drive to ask Barack Obama, on behalf of independent voters, to support a national effort to give independents access to national primary elections.

Here's part of the letter to P-E Obama:

During the presidential primary season, independents played a crucial role in bolstering the change-oriented movement that led to your nomination. By virtue of being able to vote in the primaries and caucuses in 33 states, independents cast the votes that gave your campaign its margin, and continued to support you in the general election.

Sign, email 10 friends, and fight for open primaries?

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