Thursday, December 11, 2008


  • Updated: Welcome to ‘Blue Hampshire,’ Dems claim (By Brian Lawson, "Numbers indicate that voters are joining the Democratic Party in New Hampshire by a two to one margin over undeclared and a three to one margin over the Republicans - making the Democrats the fastest growing of the three. If these trends continue at the current rate, Democrats will outnumber undeclared voters within seven years," a Democratic press release stated."
  • HERE'S THE PRESS RELEASE: NH Democrats Now Out Number Republicans in Granite State (Posted on Politicker NH)
  • Dems say they're the majority in NH now (Nashua Telegraph)
  • The Decline of Conservative (By Sahil Kapur, Claremont Portside) Moderates are shifting leftward as they crave a new direction, and self-identified independent voters preferred Barack Obama over John McCain by eight points.
  • Survey reveals voting disparities on Nov. 4 (USA Today) Democrats were more confident about the process in states that traditionally vote Democratic, such as New York, and Republicans in "red states" such as Texas. In states such as Virginia that were closely contested, independent voters were less confident about the process.
  • Closely Related Headlines (Posted by Eric Earling, Puget Sound Politics) The simple truth is that Obama accomplished what he did electorally because significant number of independent voters switched from Bush in 2004 to him. These are not exactly left-of-center voters
  • 18 Million Independents Vote for Barack Obama.
    From November 2008 CUIP President Jackie Salit gives a post-election analysis of the independent movement and the 2008 presidential elections.

Redistricting OK'd; open primary next? (Thomas D. Elias, Ventura County Star) If Californians really want a state government that works, they'll support the open primary whenever it makes the ballot, just as they easily passed the Proposition 198 blanket primary more than 12 years ago.

  • Dr. Lenora Fulani Confirmed She “Is Considering” A Run for Office Next Year, Possibly Mayor or Public Advocate (posted by Mary Alice Miller, Room Eight) If Mayor Bloomberg sought the Independence Party's endorsement, or to run on the Independence line, “He has to come with some major, major, major changes. He had to go beyond where he is. As far as I am concerned, he should change his mind.”
  • [AND SPEAKING OF FULANI.....] I'm now a believer (Charles E. Richardson,

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