Tuesday, December 09, 2008


  • Increasingly Centrist Obama Ruffles Left And Right Feathers (By JOE GANDELMAN, The Moderate Voice) It’s not unusual for centrists to get it from both sides. As many on this site, Avlon and others have noted, anyone who chooses a centrist path will get it from some on the right (you MUST be a secret leftist masking yourself as a centrist and you’re mushy) and some on the left (you MUST be a secret Republican and you’re mushy).
  • 60 Is Not a Magic Number for Democrats, Party's Failure to Win a Filibuster-Proof Majority in Senate Isn't the End of the World (By Mike Lillis, Washington Independent) Many of the experts contend that the Democrats’ belief that securing 60 seats would have been the key to legislative success ignores the regional and ideological nuances that influence voting patterns on both sides of the aisle.
  • Don't Blame Obama For Disappointing Liberals (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Huffington Post) He is what he's always been, namely a pragmatic, centrist, Democrat who when circumstances dictate will conciliate moderates and conservatives on a hot button issue that might cause political trouble.

  • Minorities boost Dems' numbers-Party sees big gains in Brevard (BY JOHN McCARTHY • FLORIDA TODAY) Overall, there were 23,850 more people who cast ballots in Brevard this year than in 2004. More than 10,000 of those were Democrats, while fewer than 4,000 were Republicans. The rest had no party affiliation or membership in minor political parties.
  • Senator Clinton, 2001-2008: Smart, Hardworking, Unextraordinary (by Jason Horowitz, NY Observer)
  • Is Anh Cao A Model For A New Republican Party? (By Justin Gardner, Donklephant)

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