Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Georgia Independents Go Up Against Fulton County Incumbent John Eaves


GIV Objects to Abuse of Election Law by Major Party Candidate

Tuesday June 29th, Georgia Independent Voters sent the below letter to Democratic incumbent Fulton County Commissioner John Eaves. Eaves’ campaign has begun an effort to disqualify more than 8,000 ballot access petition signatures collected by independent candidate Mary Norwood (as an independent candidate for Fulton County Commission Chair, due to Georgia elections law, Norwood must collect more than 20,000 signatures in order to have her name on the ballot) on the basis that the word “Fulton” in the county field on ballot petitions is pre-printed and not handwritten.

Competition is good for everything — except the Georgia ballot  10:30 am June 25, 2010, by Jim Galloway in the Atlanta Journal Constitution/Political Insider

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