Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's Primary Day - Do You Know If Yours is Open or Closed??

  • Editorial: Independents: The 3rd way (EDITORIAL Albany OR Democrat Herald ) The Independents have grown into the third-largest party since being founded in 2007. They represent a bridge across the chasm created by overly partisan politicians in the two major parties. May their number grow to the point where they become a major party too. 
  • Obradovich: Why you should vote - though I don't (KATHIE OBRADOVICH, Des Moines Register) If Iowa had open primaries, I gladly would cast a ballot. But I don't want to send a false impression about partisan preferences by choosing a party today, even just long enough to vote and then switch back to "no party."
  • Dynamics of Election Day: State sees uptick in nonpartisan voters (Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard - Northern CA) Both the Republican and Democratic parties hold open primaries, meaning decline-to-state voters can opt to vote in either primary, or to cast a nonpartisan ballot, which doesn't include partisan primaries. Third parties -- like the Green Party and the American Independent Party -- hold closed primaries, meaning only party members can cast ballots in their primaries.
  • Voters should see sunny skies on Election Day (Kimball Payne, Daily Press - VA) Virginia holds open primaries, so all registered voters can vote in today's Republican primary elections.
  • Private parties - Political parties should be allowed to make own rules, forced to pay own bills (Spartenburg Herald Journal - NC) The suit, filed by the state party and its Greenville chapter, alleges that South Carolina’s open primary system denies the party’s First Amendment right to free association, and it does. A similar suit was filed in the state court system by the Greenville chapter last year.
  • REGION: Nonpartisan voters can choose ballots - NEARLY 1 IN 4 VOTERS REGISTERED 'DECLINE TO STATE' (By EDWARD SIFUENTES, North County Times CA)

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