Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jackie Salit: Move On, MoveOn!

As the number of registered independents grows, and as the independent movement grows, there is increasing interest in political reform such as open primaries, nonpartisan elections, and nonpartisan redistricting. IndpendentVoting.org president Jackie Salit penned this important post on HuffPo (co-authored with prominent independent attorney Harry Kresky, and Jason Olson, director of California's IndependentVoice.org

and major independent spokesperson for Prop 14, "Move On, MoveOn!":

The biggest impediment to the advancement of democracy in our country is the two major parties. By blocking efforts at structural change they seek to perpetuate (and in some cases reinforce!) a system in which smaller and smaller numbers of people -- the most ideologically committed party activists -- determine who we can elect to office and how and whether legislation is considered from Washington to City Hall.
I repeat: We gotta get outta this place, before it's the last thing we ever do....!


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