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Thursday, October 31, 2013

NYC Mayor Race Count Down: Day 5 - Jo Coskie Independence Party Rally for Adolfo Carrion - Teachers for Carrion!

Queens Executive Member of the NYC Independence Party, retired teacher, Jo Coskie speaks about her organizing Teachers for Carrion.

"Mr. Carrion is passionate about improving our schools, recognizes the need to empower teachers, and has a visionary plan. Last month at a press conference on the steps of City Hall, he unveiled a bold comprehensive policy to transform our schools. Adolfo would place our schools at the center of the community to maximize their use. In addition, recognizing that after school development is a key to unlocking our young people's potential, Adolfo has made it a central component of his plan. I could go on. He has the best educational platform of any candidate. It's no wonder Bill de Blasio doesn't want to debate him!"

[Video by Coco Cheung]

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NYC Mayor Race Count Down: Day 6 - Jackie Salit Independence Party Rally for Adolfo Carrion - What's Lou Reed Got to Do With It?

[UPDATED due to uploading 'glitches'....] In this video, from the October Adolfo Carrion Independence Party Rally, Jackie Salit, President of, the national center for independent nonpartisan political reform, notes that rock n roll legend, American music innovator, Lou Reed's seminal Velvet Underground album sold 30,000 copies (puny by today's standards, no doubt), but that everyone who bought a copy formed a band.

We're forming bands. It's 1776 in New York City. Take a walk on the wild side!
Get your band together!


[Video by Coco Cheung]

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pride. Power. Independence.

NYC Independence Party video shown at last night's rally for Adolfo Carrion's reform campaign for mayor -- shakin' it up!

[video producer: Sarah Lyons]

NYC Mayor Race Count Down: Day 7 - Cathy Stewart Introduction Independence Party Rally for Adolfo Carrion Transforming the Political Game

NYC Independence Party Chief Organizer and NY County Chair Cathy L. Stewart: "We're not concerned with winning the game. We're concerned with transforming it!"

Join the independent movement.

[video by Coco Cheung]

Independence Party "Band of Sisters" Welcomes Adolfo Carrion to the Fold

NYC Independence Party mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion and company rally for last week of the campaign at Scholastic auditorium in Soho last night.

[Video by Coco Cheung]

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Independence Day is TODAY in NYC: Disrupt the Partisan Status Quo

Hey hey Hanksteristas!

Tomorrow Tonight, the NYC Independence Party is having a meeting and rally at the Scholastic Auditorium in Soho. 

See a new short documentary film, hear from independent leaders and activists, and most importantly, get the "big picture" about how independents are becoming organized to disrupt the partisan status quo that holds back innovation and creativity in our city and country.  

There are more independents than Republicans in NYC, but our candidate Adolfo Carrion was excluded from the debates.  We are prevented from voting in primaries.  The message from the partisan powers that be to independent voters is loud and clear:  Shut Up and Go Away!

But we are not waiting.  We're building.  

See you tomorrow night.  all the details are listed below.  Invite your friends and family, and lease click here to RSVP by Monday at 11:00 AM.  

Pride. Power. Independence.

An Independence Party Rally  

With Special Guest Adolfo Carrion, Candidate for Mayor
Monday, October 28 ~ 6:30 PM ~ Scholastic Auditorium ~ 557 Broadway, Manhattan (between Prince/Spring). N/R to Prince, 6 to Spring or B/D to Broadway/Lafayette ~ RSVP to (212) 962-1699 or click here

[UPDATED 10/28]

Let's do this!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Media, Media, On the Wall, Who Is the Most Independent of Them All?

Adolfo Carrion, the Independence Party candidate for NYC Mayor, was a guest last weekend on PIX11 (one of my favorite channels for news). See this sharp and intelligent roundtable interview below.

Next up: 

Tune in to NY1 The Call at 9:00pm tonight! Get Adolfo's take on the most recent debate as he answers questions from New Yorkers. Drop them a line at or call in 212-ny1-talk if you have a question for Adolfo.

What: Adolfo on NY1 The Call
When: 9:00pm-10:00pm Tonight
Where: Tune in on NY1, Channel 1 or watch online here.

Contact NY1 The Call through email,,  tweet to @NY1thecall or call in 212-ny1-talk. 

Most media covering this mayoral race are connecting phrases in like "Carrion has 2% support in the polls" and "is not permitted to join the three official mayoral debates"

Ex. "Independent mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion Jr. was left out of the recent mayoral debates for not meeting the polling requirement. He only received two percent in the polls."

PIX11 says: "For many years Adolfo Carrion was viewed as the Latino community's best hope for winning city office. Running as the nominee of the Independence Party, Carrion has 2% support in the polls and is not permitted to join the three official mayoral debates."

Translation: "Adolfo Carrion should have stayed a Democrat and helped the Democratic Party corral the Latino vote to put the Democratic candidate in office. Since he became an independent, he is excommunicated from NYC politics!"

And yet, as David Chen so eloquently put it in his prescient February New York Times article Adolfo Carrion is not deterred.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Independents turn out for Adolfo Carrion! ABC - shame on you!

A few snippets from the street before ABC's "debate" excluding NYC Mayoral Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrion.

The government is shut down, 40% of Americans are independent, and the "fourth estate" has become inert -- and anti-democratic. Well, how about that!?




 Stay tuned! More to come!

Candidato a alcalde de Nueva York pide que los latinos vayan a votar

Articulo totalmente en espanol dirigido a que los votantes latinos salgan a votar. (leer mas)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vamos a insistir en que el Candidato independiente porción alcalde de NYC ESTA incluido en el "debate" el 15 de octubre!

Let's insist that el candidato independiente por alcalde de NYC esta included in the "debate" on Oct. 15!

Vamos a insistir en que el Candidato independiente porción alcalde de NYC ESTA incluido en el "debate" el 15 de octubre!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A loss to the independent family, Athleen Godfrey of Bountiful Utah

I regret that I must pass on some sad news tonight about a true hero in our midst here in Utah. (Obituary here)

While there was no shortage of public figures who tried to muscle in and use the non-partisan Fair Boundaries redistricting effort in 2009 for their personal or partisan advantage, there was a true hero in our midst that you may not have known about. I believe there was just one senate district out of 29 which met the signature requirement for the Fair Boundaries initiative effort. Athleen Godfrey spearheaded a robust and successful effort in South Davis County to gather enough signatures to put the Fair Boundaries initiative proposal on the ballot. Whether they gathered enough signatures, I don't recall, but they knew they had more or less met the requirement and were disappointed the rest of the county and state were not following along.

Athleen was a retired nurse who used a walker to get around, but boy did she know how to use a telephone and a pen and a keyboard; she had been afflicted by polio in her youth but that did not stop her from doing some amazing things for the fair redistricting effort and for the family and community that she loved.

Over the years, she has written a number of fair minded letters to the editor of the Davis County Clipper and the Trib about non-partisan reforms and reasonable approaches to the often unreasonable overtures of the Utah legislature. Athleen donated time, phone calls, hosted signature gathering events and even donated money to the Fair Boundaries effort. And so effective was she, that she delivered the signature quota for her senate district. Hopefully someday she will take her place in our collective memory and history next to notable figures such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others who took their honored places in history posthumously for their efforts to enfranchise all Americans; an activity that we are all interested in extrapolating to make all votes truly count equally.

To put it in perspective, if there had been just 25 more people exactly like Athleen throughout the state of Utah, we would likely have been one of the lucky few states where the redistricting process rested firmly in the grasp of the people.

I hadn't heard from Athleen in a while, so I sent her a postcard this summer I believe. I hope she received it as it sounds like her health was failing.

Athleen passed away October 1st at the age of 79 and we will miss her dearly.