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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Alternate October 30th

Mike Gravel speaks out!

Mike Gravel with or without NBC

Gregory Chase speaks out!


  • Purple Dreams-"More people in the state have moved to the independent category, so they're considering Democratic candidates—that's the difference," Jaquet said. "They're beginning to see the alternatives." (Boise Weelky)
  • Independents Rise Up In New HampshireHow Do New Hampshire Voters Compare To California?-"We've seen the undeclared numbers increase and increase and increase," says New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner. (ABC 30 - Calif)
  • Public Mind's advice to challengers: Get out the independents (Star Ledger blog)
  • Poll: Arkansas Voters Lean Left (THE MORNING NEWS)
  • "Losing Third Parties Don't Change History"-Doeth he protest too much? (Town Hall)
  • Mega-donors prepare for '08 battle (Ben Smith - Politico)
  • Barack Obama Shines in Philadelphia Debate, ‘Standing Out from the Pack,’ (
  • Gravel plans own simultaneous debate (Boston Globe)
  • Debate draws a vocal chorus/Nay-sayers and sign-wavers. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Party Dominance at Stake in Louisiana Runoff (Southern Political Report)
  • New York State Highest Court Will Hear Case on Local Parties v State Organizations (Ballot Access News)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


  • An Engaged Independent Electorate-CBS News poll says most independents are not able/not interested in voting in the primaries (The Caucus/NY Times blog)
  • 27 year old New Hampshire hedge fund manager Gregory Chase offers $1 mil to get Mike Gravel in debate (Philadelphia Inquirer) and (Mens News Daily)
  • Judge leaves election-law loophole open-"The big loser is the state constitution and the people who voted for the amendment to have an open primary." (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Officials debate drop in voting in Louisana's gov race-"If we are truly interested in keeping democracy alive, we have to make voting more user friendly.” (The Advocate)
  • Driscoll: Republicans and Democrats trot out the bogeymen-"something that is ultimately sad and destructive to our democracy. I'd like to believe we can do better than this. All of us.'' (Waltham Daily News Tribune)
  • Conviction Politics... in Practice: Tom Perriello for Congress as an independent in Virginia's 5th CD (TPM Cafe)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jimmie Rodgers - T for Texas (1936)

and I for Independent (2007)

Norma Paulus discusses Partisanship, Open Primary on Oregon Independent..

The Hankster welcomes Oregon Independent to the blogroll! Please check out this video of Norma Paulus discussing the open primary issue... You can also read about John Frohnmayer's campaign here.... Altogether, a primo independent site! The Hankster recommends Oregon Independent!!!


  • Florida’s Critical Independent Voters At Risk For Democrats (CQ Politics)
  • Of protests, pilots and the Pledge-As the health-care debate heats up, independent voters have learned to ignore the status-quo worshippers who trash proposed solutions while suggesting none of their own. (The Columbian-By JOHN LAIRD)
  • It's incumbent Zwelling and independent Randy Case in Zanesville mayor's race (Zanesville Times Recorder)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trinity Church meeting Committee for a Harlem Debate #4

Jeffrey Davis, co-founder of the James E. Davis Love Yourself Stop the Violence Foundation, member of the Coalition of Outsiders, speaks about the responsibility of the community in face of the onslaught of endorsements by elected officials in NYC for Clinton. "We can look at the conditions in our communities and know that we need to begin to make these decisions ourselves."

Good time for voters to think for themselves

Letter from Donna Lee Richards, Nashua
Published: Sunday, October 21, 2007, Nashua Telegraph

At a time in our history when it is more important than ever that people think for themselves instead of blindly following party, propaganda or pressure, thank you for your prominent coverage of a recent local event that brought together independent-minded voters. (Oct. 15: "Independent voters make voices heard")

What most people don't know is that independents – voters who do not align themselves with a political party – make up the vast majority of voters.

Independents are largely misunderstood and tend to get labeled (leaners, swing voters, undecided, undeclared, people less likely to vote, etc.) despite the very nature of not wanting to be labeled in the first place.

The interesting thing about a gathering of independents is that it is devoid of much of the pressure and negativity that a party-sponsored activity generates.

No one gets excluded. Issues get voiced rather than people getting scrutinized and bashed. Ideas get offered, exchanged and valued. It's about the power and responsibility of the individual voter to consider all options and make educated decisions.

There are more independents than Republicans, more independents than Democrats, and more independents than ever before.

Thanks for recognizing the power of this phenomenon because now is the time for voters to exercise their freedoms and think for themselves.


Peoples campaign forces Hillary into Harlem:
  • Hillary Clinton finds time for her base in Harlem (Newsday)
  • Hillary’s Harlem Hegemony? Harlem Residents Feel Steamrolled, Silenced (Think on These Things)
  • Political project looks outside party lines-UNITY 08 (Lawrence Journal World and News)
  • Independents unhappy with Republicans-Undeclared voters likely to lean Democratic (Concord Monitor)
  • All but Gravel Shun Fla. Convention (The Caucus/NY Times blog)
  • Lack of hopefuls doesn't stop party-Hundreds of activists skipped the Florida Democratic Party's annual convention in wake of a boycott by seven of eight presidential hopefuls over the state's early primary. Quotes Gravel (Miami Herald)
  • Huge undecided bloc puts state up for grabs (Orlando Sentinel)

  • California: Steve Wiegand: Is latest remap try also DOA? (Sac Bee)
  • Indiana: Candidates tackle 2-party system, Keystone project (Indianapolis Star)
  • Idaho: Court Sets Hearing for Idaho Lawsuit Against Open Primary (Ballot Access News)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trinity Church meeting Committee for a Harlem Debate

Tanya Wants to raise awareness among youth and adults. "It's important that we take a stand for our future", she says, and shares an important quote: Action without vision is a nightmare; vision without action is a daydream....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Think about Hillary and Obama....

And speaking of which, don't miss Hillary's Harlem Hegemony from Think On These Things... The Hankster endorses Think On These Things! now on the sidebar... Good work, Think!

Trinity Church meeting Committee for a Harlem Debate #2

Coalition of Outsiders Keith McHenry introduces Brooklyn Indpendence Party activist Becca Widom and Queens Democratic community leader Martha Oliver...


  • Munster Indiana: Candidates come in more than two flavors this election-Vasser said poor decisions by fellow Republicans on the Highland Town Council forced him to switch parties, and he said he believes his roots in the community will transcend party labels. (The Times)
  • Meadville Pennsylvania: Surprise party switch may give Tingley edge for commissioner seat (Meadville Tribune)-She said she has been independent of both parties all summer, marching in parades as a separate entry. “So I guess you could say I was independent months ago.”
  • New Jersey: Mayoral candidates sound off on S.R. issues-Szegeti, Eppinger, Londensky on ballot in Nov. 6 election-Eppinger, 45, said Londensky may be running for mayor as an independent, but the former Democrat cannot shake off his prior affiliation. (East Brunswick Sentinel)
  • Florida: Dispute will alter independent vote-Poll: It increases chance they'll vote Republican (News Press)

  • Aspen Colorado: We support Instant Runoff Voting (An Aspen Times Editorial)
  • Washington: Sides differ over value of instant runoff voting in Clallam County (Peninsula Daily News)

  • The New Comeback Kid-Hillary's plan to win it all in New Hampshire. (by E.J. Dionne, Jr, The New Republic)
  • Choosing Sides on Obama, Clinton (Washington Post) scroll down


  • Virginia: Editorial--Skip the parties in the 9th District-Independent Jerry Boothe offers far more than his Democratic and Republican opponents. (Roanoke Times)
  • Ohio: Ruling keeps Lorenzi off fall ballot (The Vindicator)
  • New Jersey: McQuade relates to key issues, "Nobody cares Republican or Democrat. They want the right person in there." (Vineland Daily Journal)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Committee for a Harlem Debate between Clinton and Obama

On Monday, October 22, the Committee for a Harlem Debate between Clinton and Obama met at the Trinity Church, thanks to the invitation of Lonnie Shockley, to an overflow audience of NYC grassroots Dem and independent activists.

The first in a series of videos is featured at the top of The Hankster.

Don't miss this exciting community meeting of folks concerned about the tamping down of the dialogue as to the best choice for African Americans (an everyone) in our communities.

Hillary is a slam-dunk?
Obama not black enough?
So thinks the Dem Party.....
Think again -- independently!

In this segment, Coalition of Outsiders founding member Keith McHenry leads the charge to demand a debate at the historic Apollo Theatre (or another venue) in Harlem introduces Trinity Church activist Lonnie Shockley, who gives a "radical welcome" to Dr. Fulani and the diverse grouping of New York City community activists, saying that we need to "keep the focus on the politics in our communities. We're at a critical time."

WARNING: This is not about winning an election. This is about regular people coming together to dialogue about what's best for us the people in this critical election.... and beyond.

For more information and to become active go to

  • For video of the African American Day Parade to to hankstertube here and here
  • For video of Lenora Fulani's press conference about the 2009 NYC mayoral race go to hankstertube here

And stay tuned! There's more to come!

Trinity Church meeting Committee for a Harlem Debate

The first in a series of the meeting at Trinity Church of the Committee for a Harlem Debate between Clinton and Obama. Host: Lonnie Shockley, Trinity Church. MC: Keith McHenry, Coalition of Outsiders
NYC 10.22.07


  • New Redistricting Initiative Designed to Fail – Courts Would Redraw Districts for 2012 (California Progress Report)
  • Mayoral debate hits debt, Keystone, arts center-independent candidate Marnin Spiegelman (Indianapolis Star)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

great balls are round

the ever wise hausenharry reminds us where we are...



  • WA: For county commissioners, another two will do- Vote yes on Measure 3-272 (Clackamas Review)
  • LA: Ethnicity is no bar to Jindal's dream-Under Louisiana's open primary rules, a candidate who can secure more than half the total vote wins outright. (Los Angeles Times)
  • CA: The future of the California GOP-One possibility would be an open primary, allowing independents (like those who backed Schwarzenegger in the recall) to weigh in. And redistricting reform would certainly help (LA Times)
  • ID: Federal judge sets hearing on Idaho's primary case (The Oregonian)
  • VA: Republicans Opt for Convention to Choose Nominee-steer clear of open primary (Washington Post)
  • MS: Dem candidate for Sec of State Rob Smith hoping to prove there is still hope-supports open primary (Meridian Star)
  • FL: Suit seeks to fix elections flaw-A retiree says a loophole lets write-in candidates keep thousands from voting in state primaries. (Orlando Sentinel)
  • CA: A 'hybrid democracy' for California-Californians are better served by voting only on initiatives that have bipartisan support from lawmakers.(By Mark Baldassare and Cheryl Katz - LA Times)
  • OR: Susan Morgan joins commissioner race (JOHN SOWELL-News Review)
  • OR: Debating an Open Primary (BlueOregon)
  • LA: John Maginnis: Days of the open primary could be numbered (Shreveport Times)
  • LA: Primary election ruling awaited-La. watches case in Washington state (The Advocate)
  • NY: U.S. Supreme Court Reviews NY’s Judicial Selection Process (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
  • WA: Editorial: Supremes should back top two (Whidbey News Times)
  • WA: Top-two primary best for Washington (The Seattle Times)

  • Difficult days for supporters of Barack Obama (David Broder-Denver Post)
  • Patrick holds rally for Obama (Boston Globe)

Monday, October 22, 2007


  • Good time for voters to think for themselves (Nashua Telegraph)
  • California politicians can't reform themselves-Editorials about the SCHIP veto and City Hall lobbying point to the need for third-party reform. (LA Times)
  • New Louisiana governor targets ethics (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Hankster says: Don't Miss The Movement

Ms. Conscience performs The Movement at the top of The Hankster blog. From the Castillo Theatre's political cabaret "Songs to Make Revolution By" at Performing The World 4 on hankstertube. Plus other standout performances by the ensemble...

...The truth is we're gonna make it happen!....

Friday, October 19, 2007


  • Inclined To Decline... To State (KQED Capital Notes)
  • D, R likely to stay on Tucson's city ballots (arizona daily star)
  • Deciding between democrat and republican, still-Sharing a bathroom with presidential hopeful makes case for staying independent. (University Daily Kansan)
  • "Don't declare mission accomplished" : Obama to Clinton (Google AFP)
  • A November Boost for Barack Obama (by Rock Hackshaw-Room Eight)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The indominatable Ellen Korner performing Fred Newman's lyrics to Annie Roboff's music at The Castillo Theatre's political cabaret "Songs to Make Revolution By" at last weekend's Performing The World 4

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Gravel and Kucinich to speak at independent voter forum (Nashua Telegraph)
47% of independents have unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton and here's why in Pennsylvania (Morning Call)
Arizon independents are gaining in numbers and some partisans just don't like that (East Valley Tribune)
Liasson gave misleading report on NPR poll results, suggesting independents favor congressional Republicans--here are the real quotes... (Media Matters)
What were the candidates really doing in pulling out of the Michigan primary? It was all politics... (Nashua Telegraph)
Hillary is crushing opponents in New Hampshire-Obama favored among independent voters (New York Daily News)
Is supporting political parties and front-runners more important than our country? (By Mary MacElveen, OpEdNews)
Main Democratic rivals transcend identity politics-Gender and race have become nonissues for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, whose campaigns are focused on the war, jobs, spending and other core issues. (Miami Herald)
Tennessee State Senator Michael R. Williams Will Run for Re-Election as an Independent (Ballot Access News)

Friday, October 12, 2007


Brought to you by the Black and independent alliance in New York City -- The Mayor never looked so good!!!

Conversations on Independence

As Hankster readers will know, I occasionally post entries from other bloggers who are talking for, about, or to independent voters. Lately I've been interviewing some independents on the street where I live in New York City and have almost neglected my bloggosphere pals. Well, here's the latest:

From Keeping It Real!: American Political Party Direction - Dealignment sees a new day where it is NOT the case that "Party machines held our backs against a wall in regard to our allegiance to parties, and depending on our social status, we were ‘expected’ to follow suit...." I can't vouch for the site (it's new and there's no email or comment capability) but I'm looking forward to more independent views from Keeping It Real!

A note today on Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize from Prairie Weather "Gore and Bush: presidential has-beens"

Could Gore lead the way out of this mess? No way, says Conventional Wisdom, will Al Gore enter the race and run against Hillary. But there's another element. Some of us noticed something about Gore when he was running eight years ago: Al Gore doesn't really want to be president -- Al Gore wants to have been president. He inherited the ambition; it didn't originate with Gore himself. He later admitted it himself: he doesn't like politics.
We'll see. The poll also shows a vital new element: the growing strength of independent voters. A "none of the above" mood is sweeping the country, making it unlikely that a Republican could win the White House. But when it comes to electing a new Congress independents are leaning Republican.

The last remark originated from Glen Bolger, NPR's Republican pollster, who by some slight-of-hand turns the 2006 independent vote for Dems into support for Repubs. Well, it's a two-party system, I'll grant you that. But it's a big stretch to say that indies will vote Repub because the Dems aren't stepping up to the plate on the war in Iraq! One more note on the subject of Conventional Wisdom -- is there any such thing? I do agree that Al Gore doesn't seem to want to be president. "He doesn't like politics..." Hey, who does? But maybe he also doesn't like the Clintons... Just a thought.

Speaking of which, The Cosmic Trip says "How About Gore/Obama?" and rails against the "spineless unthinking blob" of a Dem Party... While I sympathize with the sentiment, how about not waiting for a big shot (or even a couple of big shots)? When Ross Perot, who did get almost 20% of the vote in 1992, dropped out of politics, some folks renewed their commitment to grassroots organizing and independent movement building. That's the hard work over the last 15 years that has made the question "Gore/Obama" even possible!

Here's a paradox for you: Eunomia asks "Do Ron Paul and Barack Obama draw support from the same kinds of independent voters?" I thought independent voters were independent thinkers! Well, there's just no accounting for taste....

Here's a note on the included "middle" from Tonewah's Various Curiosities: "Alabama, has sent independent voters to the Electoral College quite a bit in the last 60 years..." in Red/Blue Flip/Flop...

Philosophically speaking, you just can't categorize independent voters. Isn't that the point?


  • Clinton, Giuliani Behave Like It's Already Fall '08--can you take a year of this? (RealClearPolitics)
  • New Hampshire/Michigan: It's not a 2007 primary yet (Concord Monitor)
  • New Hampshire candidate forum on global warming sparsely attended (Concord Monitor)
  • Michelle Obama in Iowa (The Trail, Washington Post)
  • Alabama: Redistricting fight is likely coming up (Thomasville Times)
  • Ohio: Attorney files suit in ballot exclusion-Longtime Republican says she is independent (Akron Beacon Journal)
  • New Jersey: Libertarian candidates qualify for public funding-Campaign manager for D-14 Assembly hopefuls says they're 'in it to win' (East Brunswick Sentinel)
  • Minnesota: World has changed -- so why not change how we pick a president? (Rochester Post Bulletin)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


  • Oregon: Gordon Smith's campaign banks $4 million-independent gov candidate John Frohnmayer has no totals yet... (The Oregonian)
  • New Jersey: 'Clean' Libertarian candidate Jason Scheurer sues for equal treatment (The Star-Ledger)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hankster Hits the Streets

If you haven't noticed yet, The Hankster is on the street!

See video interviews on the YouTube collection at hankstertube of independent voters in New York City, featuring interviews with Sheryl in Brooklyn, Lynette and Scott in Queens, and Andrew in Manhattan, Lynette again from Queens, and Howard from Queens... more coming!

AND a video response by the brilliant blues collectionist hausenharry called 'the real politicians"... make it $50 (and call it a night)!....

Tired of the two-party system, don't agree with the party system? Don't like to be pidgeon-holed or cateorized? Think the presidential election system is a horserace? (or an auction?)


Are you an independent? Send me your videos on the subject!

Yours independently,
The Hankster

the real politicians

A video response to Why are you an independent? hankstertube video posted on The Hankster!

Why are you an independent?

The Hankster goes on the street to find out what's important to independent voters about being independent. Thanks here to Andrew, Lynette and Howard. More videos on hankstertube (YouTube)...


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


  • Paul Jacob, of Virginia, a national leader of the term limit movement-Indictment hits petition effort (Sapulpa Daily Herald) and Out-of-state petition circulators may be out of luck this time (The Edmond Sun)
  • New Hampshire-Independents Meet with Kucinich. (Democratic Underground )
  • Democrats will lose again if war in Iraq continues (LETTER to The Daily Advertiser)
  • New consultancy for independent candidates-D’Amore, Hillsman, Oliver & Barkley (Politico)
  • Repub hopefuls grab chance Dems refused in Michigan (Detroit Free Press)
  • Republicans Want More Minority Involvement (The Tampa Tribune)
  • Alabama: 'Not your grandmother's Baptist preacher' has concerns about how politicized faith has become (Decatur Daily)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Oregon independents vs. party stalwarts

From Greg Wasson's article on Ezine: 2005 Attack On Independent Voters: "In America, the people are the government. Unless, of course, the government finds it inconvenient...." A concise history of independents in Oregon from 1904 to the present!


Independents Facing America

The Hankster went on the street yesterday to talk to independents about what's important about being an independent voter, favorite candidates in the presidential election, open primaries for president and open debates. Thanks to Sheryl, Lynette and Scott for their thoughts. And look for more interviews coming up!

Independents Facing America

The Hankster went on the street yesterday to talk to independents about what's important about being an independent voter, favorite candidates in the presidential election, open primaries for president and open debates. Thanks to Sheryl, Lynette and Scott for their thoughts. And look for more interviews coming up!

You can view this video and others on YouTube at HanksterTube!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Sign of the (New York) Times

CAUTION: If you haven't done Sunday's New York Times crossword puzzle yet, STOP READING HERE!

From The Hankster's friend the crossword puzzle fanatic comes word of a sign of the (NY) Times. Phyllis Goldberg writes:

On Sundays, the Times magazine puzzle has a title that gives a clue to the clues. This week the title is "Political Positions" -- which turns out to mean that the letters "REP," "DEM," and "IND" are hidden in several of the answers. Maybe the Times is starting to get it.

New Hampshire Association of Independent Voters To Host Conference October 14th

Presidential Candidates Invited; Kucinich, Gravel Confirmed
Executive Editor of The Neo-Independent magazine Jacqueline Salit will be Featured Speaker

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Committee for an Independent Voice (NH-CIV), a statewide association of independent voters, will host a conference entitled "Independents' Making our Voices Heard" in Hollis, New Hampshire on Sunday, October 14th, 2007....

Read more on NH INSIDER


  • Gravel, Kucinich To Speak at Association of Independent Voters (New Hampshire Presidential Watch )
  • No difference between the parties-vote independent (LETTER to Modesto Bee) NOTE: That's a dilemma for independents in a two-party system!
  • Mrs. Clinton's ahead in New Hampshire, but Mr. Obama has loads of appeal to independent voters. (Dallas Morning News)
  • Rodham Clinton Gains 10 Points in New Hampshire (Angus Reid Global Monitor )
  • Biden: ‘I will win’ in S.C. (The State)
  • Woman's Work-There are more female governors in office than ever before, and they are making their mark with a pragmatic, postpartisan approach to solving state problems. (Newsweek)
  • Ron Paul would improve his odds by moving to New Hampshire (Concord Monitor)
  • Is the Bloomberg off the vine? (New York Times)
  • Independent Louisiana gov candidate John Georges: Confident neophyte takes on establishment-underscores business achievements, practical approach (Shreveport Times) NOTE: Personally, I'd like to see Georges reach out to independent voters... If you're going to run as an independent, let's see the independence!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


  • "We're frustrated!" Missouri independent voters form Show Me Independents "The US has been profoundly hurt by ideological and political labeling..." (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

  • Cultural divide, political polarization (Des Moines Register)

  • Right Ideas, Wrong Party-The Kucinich Quandary (CounterPunch)

  • Is Ron Paul quirky enough to get elected? (Politico) and Ron Paul: A spoiler, not a contender (Politico) NOTE: We wish this report was ironic, but alas, in the BizarroWorld of the MSM, it's all about the votes. News: for some candidates, it's not about the votes, it's about the message, stupid!

  • Poll: the Clintons are okay (Washington Post)

  • Obama Tries to Overcome Clinton’s African-American Advantage (CQ Politics)

  • Virginia: Candidate Redmond faces party sanctions for political gaffe (Journal Press)

  • Oregon: At the Heart of Who We Are as a People - "impeachment is essential" (by John Frohnmayer-OpEdNews)

  • Lesser known gubernatorial candidates depend on stumping, Internet to get out message -- debate tonight (Shreveport Times)

  • The Netroots Battlefield in the ’08 Presidential Campaign-Declarations of the Death of Blogger Power Are Greatly Exaggerated (Special to The Narco News Bulletin) NOTE: Tied to Dems? That's a slow painful death.....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


  • Third Party Run From The Right? (Horserace 08 - CBS News blog)
  • Beating the Odds - John McCain to win New Hampshire independents? (Truthdig)
  • RoboClinton calling independents in Illinois (Clout Street - Chicago Tribune blog)
  • Zogby Poll: Clinton winning independents who plan to vote in the New Hampshire Dem Primary (BBSNews)
  • Obama at $19 million for the primaries (The Caucus - New York Times blog)
  • Rudy: 3rd party not the answer (Newsday)
  • Huckabee Gets Nod of Clinton (NY Sun)
  • Citizen Georges-After years of corporate success and civic involvement, John Georges is spending millions in his bid to become Louisiana’s next governor-as an independent (The Independent Weekly)

PACleanSweep' Russ Diamond Thursday on WITF's SmartTalk Harrisburg PBS

On Thursday, October 4 at 8:00 p.m., PACleanSweep founder & chair Russ Diamond will square off again with Pennsylvania Bar Association president Andrew Susko on the November 6 judge retention races. The conversation will be held on WITF-TV's SmartTalk public affairs program. WITF is Harrisburg's PBS affiliate - Channel 33. Check your local directory for the cable channel in your area.

Every Pennsylvanian - regardless of party affiliation - will be eligible to cast a 'yes' or 'no' vote on seven individuals who currently sit on statewide appellate courts. These individuals are asking for another ten-year term.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Monday, October 01, 2007


  • In Washington state, it's primarily about independence (Seattle Times)
  • GOP Candidates Debate 'Race' (American Thinker)
  • Obama is working hard to win over black voters in South Carolina. (CNN)
  • Local Democrats in West fear impact of Hillary at top of ticket (Los Angeles Times)
  • Oregon: Independent gov candidate Frohnmayer no shill for Gordon Smith (The Oregonian)
  • Louisiana: Gov candidate John Georges chose independence over Dems (New Orleans City Business)