Today is primary day and 3.5 million Flori

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Following the majority of Americans, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces his independence from the 2 major parties!


Below is a statement by President JacquelineSalit following the announcement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of his intention to leave the Democratic Party and run as an independent for President in 2024.


Mr. Kennedy is sounding many of the themes that the independent movement and independent voters have been speaking of for decades - most notably the unchecked power of the Democratic and Republican Parties. He says he is calling forth a movement to challenge that power around his independent candidacy. The whiplash from both parties will be extreme and the media on both sides will echo and amplify the denunciations. Their aim is to shut down any public discussion of an independent option. Whatever individual Americans decide about his positions on vaccines, fossil fuels and the war in Ukraine, he deserves a level playing field and an opportunity to make his case. So does Dr. Cornel West. And so do the candidates of other independent parties.

With nearly half the country identifying themselves as independents, we can no longer impose a quarantine on these voices.

Monday, July 03, 2023

Open Primaries Is Going Forward in Pennsylvania!

 Hey Hanksteristas!

If you're looking for states where open primaries is on the legislative docket, look what's happening in Pennsylvania:

[PA State Senator] Boscola has introduced bills that would allow Independents to vote in primary elections. In a recent statement, she said there are 1.2 million voters in Pennsylvania – more than 14% – who are not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican Party.

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