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Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Clown History

Hey Hey Hanksteristas!

It's been a while.

While I've been away, traveling the backwoods of NY Penn Station and New Jersey Transit, I've recently begun to mull over my clown history.

I recently discovered that Patch Adams (whom I know from Performing the World) -- Patch and I were on the same campus in 1970-1971 (my first year, his last year) in Richmond VA. We may have crossed the street together in The Fan, grabbed a sub at The Village, who knows? Turns out that Patch and I have traveled a common path -- a humanist path. I highly recommend you visit him.

My friend Marian reminded me today of my very first clown love -- Emmett Kelly. Tattered and torn, poor and forlorn, our sad-sack, our silent but prescient conscientious objector.

Let's respect our clowns!