Sunday, June 04, 2006

Massachusetts: Grassroots candidate selection proposal

Mazzaglia: Reverse the nominating process
By Frank Mazzaglia Sunday, June 4, 2006 MetroWest Daily News ....Perhaps it has always been like this. The question is, does it always have to be? Would it make more sense if each political party concentrated on encouraging qualified candidates for each political office? Following that accomplishment, the road to the state convention could then include a number of scheduled public events for party members and independent voters at geographically convenient centers across the state. That method would allow each candidate access to rank and file party members before the primary election. This method would allow the official party to endorse the true will of the people. There are more than six million residents in Massachusetts, and the delegates represent a very tiny percentage of the party they represent. It would also provide a better indicator as to whether the party choice had a reasonable chance of being elected after the convention. The result of those primary elections would be a guide to party endorsement. .... [more]

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