Sunday, June 04, 2006

NATIONAL: New Hampshire's independents (42%) critical to Pres win in November

Democrats looking for gains in fall elections
By Norma Love, Associated Press Writer June 4, 2006 Boston Globe
CONCORD, N.H. --Democrats hope they've got the recipe for political gains in this fall's elections.
Republicans are led by a president with dismal poll numbers.
As the filing period opens Wednesday for the Sept. 12 primary, Democrats should be ready to mix the ingredients into success.
But will they?
It could depend on who signs up to run and if they can turn GOP troubles into Democratic gains.
Both parties now view New Hampshire as a swing state in presidential elections after Democrats won the state in three of the last four elections -- only narrowly losing in 2000. Also, Democrats have been elected governor in four of the last five elections.
To win in November, both will need independent voters, the biggest bloc of voters at 42 percent....

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