Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conversations on Pennsylvania's Closed Primary

Who Benefits From Pennsylvania's Closed Primary? Just a quick thought about how the "closed" nature of tomorrow's primary might affect the outcome. The conventional wisdom is that it hurts Obama, since he tends to do better among independents and Republicans. But I think that could be wrong...... (The New Republic The Stump)

Pennsylvania by the numbers: As Pennsylvania voters head to the polls today, they'll invariably cast their ballots not only as citizens of the Keystone State but as representatives of their various demographic groups: the working-class, old, educated, suburban, late-deciders..... (New York Magazine Daily Intel)

Clinton's to lose: The Pennsylvania primary is closed to the independents who have buoyed Obama to many big victories around the country. Pennsylvania is a traditionally machine politics state, and the biggest machine is controlled by popular Governor Ed Rendell, Hillary’s biggest backer..... (New West Notes)

George Washington warned against the forming of political parties: Get out and vote. I know I sure would, if I could. However, since PA is a closed primary election state, other party affiliates like myself are excluded from primary elections..... (JessicaLPL)

Lock Out: Today I am but an observer. Pennsylvania practices what is called a 'closed' primary, meaning that in order to vote, one must be registered in one of the two major political parties. To much criticism, I refuse to relinquish my independent status. I do not approve of the two-party system, so I will not take part in it. My own political standpoint leans towards something like a much more radical democracy than we have now, and that means at least a few other parties.... (Syndesmotic Soul Mania)

It's Not My Party: I can't vote. I'm a card carrying member of the Green Party, which I've belonged to since 2004 and don't see myself changing back to the Democratic party any time soon. My reasons are varied but basically I don't believe they are serious about addressing the issues that really affect America and the world anymore.... (The Lost and Found Bin of My Mind)

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