Tuesday, April 08, 2008


  • Battling a Headwind (By Charlie Cook-National Journal in GovExec) And McCain is in the best position to curb the likely stampede of independents to the Democratic Party if Barack Obama is its presidential nominee.
  • Analysis: For McCain, increasing Iraq violence may be an issue (Boston Globe / Political Intelligence) McCain now needs to appeal to independent voters too, a group generally less supportive of the war than the Republicans he courted during the primaries.
  • CBS News March 18 poll: 5 Years in Iraq (with partisan breakout)
  • McCain: Independent voters to play big role (WEYI NBC TV)
  • 2008: Democrats' Year That Wasn't/National Review Online: The Party, Now Splintered, Was Supposed To Enjoy A Banner Year (CBS)
  • Government not doing enough on economy: poll (MarketWatch) 67% of independent voters said the government isn't doing enough. Rasmussen article: As you would expect, there are significant partisan differences on these topics. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Democrats say the federal government is not doing enough to help the economy. That view is shared by 43% of Republicans and 67% of unaffiliated voters.

  • Bucks, Montgomery go blue for primary (The Morning Call) In both counties, Republicans enjoyed 2-to-1 registration margins as recently as the 1990s. But the GOP edge has been eroding in recent years, making Bucks and Montgomery -- home to voters known for independent streaks -- key swing areas.

  • Dems Divided Over Making Competitive Districts (CBS 4 Denver ) Senate bill that would urge lawmakers to try to make districts that are about evenly divided among Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

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