Tuesday, April 22, 2008


CAMPAIGN * PA: Today, voters in Pa. will have their say (Philadelphia Inquirer) Obama ground organization: The most unusual touch will be criers boarding SEPTA buses and giving riders a brief pitch and some Obama literature.

  • Today is last day to register for primary (Bluefield Daily Telegraph) For the first time, independent voters and voters who marked “no party affiliation” on their voter registration form will be able to vote in the Republican or the Democrat or the Mountain Party’s primary on May 13.
  • Dems seek independent voters (Parkersburg News and Sentinel) Since the 2006 elections, roughly 18,600 people have registered as independents, double the number of new Democrats and triple the number of new Republicans.
  • Today is last day to register for primary (Charleston Daily Mail) Unaffiliated voters have increased by 19 percent since November 2006, and now make up more than 13 percent of all registered voters.

NORTH CAROLINA * Conflict resolved, gubernatorial debate is go (News Observer) So far, 36,011 registered Democrats have voted early, as have 1,741 registered Republicans and 9,794 unaffiliated voters.

ALASKA * Anchorage Mayor Enters Alaska Senate Race (CQ Politics) Alaskans typically vote Republican, but candidates in Alaska also must appeal to unaffiliated voters and third-party supporters who make up 60 percent of the registration rolls.

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