Thursday, July 31, 2008

News from the Stratosblog: John McCain's Negatives Won't Attract Independent Voters

stratosblog: the environment in which the smaller and more independent bloggers operate....

From simpletruthiness: What were they trying to accomplish? Were they trying to shoot their feet off? I am trying to imagine the effect of the latest McCain ads on his stated purpose of winning the presidential election..... Ostensibly,these ads are aimed at swing voters. I can’t imagine anything worse than grade school attacks and utilizing our wounded troops for political advantage while lying and practicing a particularly odious form of hypocrisy for currying favor with independent voters who might be genuinely conflcited..... (continue)

From The National Connection (A news blog from some left-leaning folks who have a lot of opinions and think they know everything.):Is Sen. McCain forgetting that his whole strategy is to win over enough "independent" voters to make up for his un-enthusiastic Republican base? Well independent voters will not like the nasty campaigning he's engaging in.... (read)

From Joe Gandelman, The Moderate Voice: ON A PERSONAL NOTE AS A REGISTERED INDEPENDENT AND 2000 JOHN MCCAIN SUPPORTER: I get lots of emails asking me to give my blunt reaction to this. It is this: seldom in my voting life, which began voting in the Presidential election of 1968, have I been turned off so quickly by someone who I once supported and admired..... (read)

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