Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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From by KIL: Blog Action Day: Poverty Across The World
With me being the Blogking and all, I think it is my duty to take part in this Blog Action Day (kinda like communion). The theme of this years post is poverty, and boy do I know what its like being poor, but its not about me. People in other countries, 3rd world to be pacific, have had to deal with poverty for years. And probably will have to for years to come.

From The Social by Adam T. Wamack: Financial Crisis: Unplugged
Have you ever wondered why its a financial crisis thats getting all the attention? When there was a bloody holocaust in Darfur in 2006, a racial cleansing in Somalia in 2004, an actual war in Eastern Europe between Russia and Georgia in 2008. We were briefly informed, only to care abstractly, and hold unfaithfully to an ideal of humanity. Countless crises have ravaged our country in times not so far gone and past, and as a nation we have acted only to the point of atypical, unresponsive concern for the people of the world. These are lives that we are talking about, not video game characters; not movie roles that end as soon as the credits roll.

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