Monday, January 12, 2009


The New Politics: Barack Obama, Party of One - Without entirely realizing it, America elected its first Independent president. The implications for how the country will be governed are profound, exhilarating, and loaded with risk. (By John Heilemann, New York Magazine) Virtually since Election Day, they have been debating the putative shape of what they like to call Obama for America 2.0, with much of the focus on a central choice: Should the network be folded into the DNC or housed within an independent entity? The risk for Obama in pursuing the former path was clear: a possible turnoff for the millions of loyalists who bought into the Obama brand but happened not to be Democrats. On the other hand, though an outside group would have given Obama a power base separate from the DNC, he would also have been less able to exercise control over its agenda... With the selection last week of Obama's friend, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, to chair the party, the question has more or less been answered: Much of the campaign's grassroots operation, I'm told, will reside at the DNC.

POLITISOPHICAL INVESTIGATIONS Around The Sphere (By JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief, The Moderate Voice) Glenn Greenwald: The notion that Democrats must spurn their left-wing base and move to the "non-ideological" center is the most conventional of conventional Beltway wisdom (which is why Ignatius, the most conventional of Beltway pundits, is preaching it).

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