Friday, February 06, 2009


Independent voters are being used at a football in the current partisan power struggle:
Town Hall "Is Obama the Next Jimmy Carter?" and Gary Andres slams "fickle independent voters" in the Weekly Standard. Consider this a compliment! It's no wonder that conservatives and Repub reps are trying to use independents as a hammer -- they have to counter the fact that the Dems are trying to insert independents into that party en masse... There's more conservative press here and here's what some of the Libertarians think...

Rasmussen reports and The Moderate Voice explains

Tuscon Skinny: Arizona independent registration is up.
California looks to open primaries to break up partisan gridlock

And btw, if you haven't seen this -- The Hankster got a nod from The Moderate Voice -- along with lots of other worthy smaller blogs -- check it out!

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