Friday, September 25, 2009

Live Blogging President Obama's speech at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

6:58 Hmm... imho, not so much value in the parsing of this particular speech, or this particular moment. However, let's put our best foot forward! And see Fred Newman's take on Talk/Talk... Look, the Keynesian notion of simply regulating a system that devours – and based on Marx’ and Rosa Luxemburg’s insights, must devour – everything around itself, including ultimately itself, well, how do you regulate that kind of monster? Why will that monster be regulated by anything

5:38 question (sorry missed import)

POB -- as a consequence of this action (by Iran), the region and the world is less secure... Have to consider the options given the importance of this situation, [wanted to have consensus among the major powers.]

5:34 int'l reporter asking about Iran, intelligence etc

POB -- Intelligence re Iran seems to be solid, and seems to be contrary to intl standards, preferred method of operation is diplomatic, keep the path of diplomacy open, keep Iran in the intl community.... When we work to find diplomatic solutions and if that diplomacy doesn't work, we might find sanctions (eg) more effective...

5:30 local reporter: asking about g-20 protesters

POB -- these protests are directed generically at "capitalism". disagrees that the source of all ills is the free market... important to make sure that the market is working for ordinary people, emphasis needs to be on that ordinary people are able to pay their bills, etc. (doesn't support the protests)

5:25 Reuters reporter asks question re: Afghanistan policy. POB -- we were pursuing al Quaida, adrift, important that there is a sense of credibility on the part of the Afghani people for their govt. So much of our success has to do with the willingness of the people to take this on. New US General there. Our military strategy is only part of a larger civilian, govt strategy.

Re: public concern -- families being hurt, tough questions

But POB wants the best information, esp. before sending more troops.

5:23 October 1st important. Ball in their court. Iran has serious decisions to make.

5:19pm Watching msnbc (c-span has live coverage) Pres. Obama is saying that we have taken responsibility for the global economic situation.... He's now taking questions from press about Iran.

Pres. Obama: Building on what happened in NY -- world community is united, Iran raises "grave doubts" about intent of nuclear program. ... Iran is on notice...

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