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Sunday, November 01, 2009

LETTER: Incredible grassroots support for Kasim Reed in Atlanta Mayoral Race

The Hankster received this email:

Hello All,

I am a concerned citizen of Atlanta and have been following the Mayoral election closely. Out of all the candidates, the incredible grass roots support that Kasim Reed is receiving has particularly struck me. Please take a moment to view these grass roots video that I came across supporting Kasim Reed. Help to spread the word about this support by passing on these videos. Thanks! (From the little people of Atlanta) (From Atlanta voters)

- Concerned Citizen

GO Little People of Atlanta, GO! -NH


Unknown said...

I am a concerned citizen too! What are the Norwood supporters thinking? She can't even fix the problems in city council and Lisa what a joke.

Unknown said...

Kasim Reed is definitely the best qualified candidate! I watched the videos; they are good. Are there going to be any more?

Unknown said...

These videos are great! It's awesome to see people getting involved in such an important election when local elections usually have such low turnouts. Kasim Reed is definitly strongest candidate and these videos are a fun way of seeing it. Hope Kasim wins!