Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Owns the Non-Partisan Independent Label?

And who needs a label?


  • Poll: Majority want work to continue on health care reform bill (CNN Political Ticker) The survey indicates that 56 percent of independent voters say congressional Republicans aren't doing enough to try and work with the president and Democrats in Congress. Half of independents see the president as too unwilling to compromise and 28 percent feel both parties are not doing enough when it comes to bipartisanship.
  • Poll Shows Voters Abandoning Prez in Droves; Bam Gets Real Kick Indy Ass (iStock Analyst) NOTE: "Kick Indy Ass"?? Whaa? Apparently NY Post writer Geoff Earle wrote that headline for the Post but it didn't get printed, wonder why... Has Mr. Earle ever spoken to a kick-ass indy? Just askin...
  • PARTY SOCIOLOGY: SPURIOUS LEADERS + FURIOUS FOLLOWERS = POWER REDISTRIBUTION (By: David McCleary, The Cypress Times - TX) America’s previous answer to the troublesome aspects of the dual party political system has been the non-partisan “Independent” label. Independent voters often swing elections and encourage less polarizing, govern-from-the-center political leadership. The Tea Party’s recent rapid growth tells us that catering to the Independents and appearing to lead from the center is not enough.
  • Guest Column: And now, a word from the independents (By Jackie Salit, Rock River Times - Rockford IL)



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