Thursday, March 18, 2010

California Proposition 14: Rights of People vs. Rights of Parties - The Second American Revolution attorney Harry Kresky's piece today on HuffPo Words Matter: Voters to Get Fair Wording of California Open Primary Initiative is a gem. Read it, and re-read it, and then read it to your friends!
The assertion of such a right by the parties raises a fundamental question about the nature of our democracy. Does it rest on the rights of voters or on the rights of parties? On one level the answer is simple. The Constitution makes no mention of political parties. The Bill of Rights speaks of the "rights of the people," not of the parties. After all, it is the people who organize the parties, so how could the rights of the parties they organize trump theirs?
We face a challenge every day in this country -- move forward, or stay here? And "stay here" increasingly means going backwards.

In the very early days of our American revolution,  soon after the independent forces won, George Washington warned us about the "baneful effects of party".  In that spirit, let's continue the struggle.

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Jack Jodell said...

Individual rights are under assault today as never before. Self-serving, organized groups like corporations and political parties want total control and domination of the marketplace and/or our political system, and in pursuit of such they are trampling all over individual citizens. I support the right of any individual or group of like-minded individuals to freely pursue whatever they like without unnecessary restriction or interference from powerful outside organizations.