Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Good News for Independents: California Open Primary Proposition 14 Passes With 54%

  • Lincoln bucks tide in Arkansas - The incumbent survived a runoff. South Carolina, California, and Nevada also saw big primaries. (By David Espo, Associated Press, Philadelphia Inquirer) The passage of Proposition 14 reflects voter anger in California and across the nation at a system that critics complained has been dominated by a small coterie of political activists in each of the two major political parties.
  • Incumbent Holds Her Senate Seat in Arkansas Race (By JEFF ZELENY and ADAM NAGOURNEY, NY Times)
  • US voters celebrate Women's Day (The Daily Maverick - New Zealand) (Some states have open primaries that permit voting across party lines, thereby blurring the kind of statement partisan voters made in these primaries.
  • In today's votes, the center's under fire (By John P. Avlon, CNN Contributor) - from yesterday morning: Closed partisan primaries are a paradise for party activists, but they can lead to a vicious hangover the morning after, as parties begin to wake up to the reality that principled centrists generally have a better chance to win a general election than those from the ideological extremes.


Steph said...

Awesome! Good job CA!

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