Friday, October 15, 2010

Barron: Don't Let Cuomo Hide Behind Paladino's Big Mouth

There's a debate coming up on Monday night  at Hofstra University that includes all the New York governor candidates.  See Celeste Katz's article below for info on the debate.

Please read Frank Lombardi's interview with Barron in the NY Daily News  "I'm In It To Win, Not To Spoil, Not To Entertain". The Brooklyn Councilman had this to say about the Dem/Repub (although, Cuomo is also running on the NY Independence Party line) dynamic duo: "I’m saying Paladino is not going to win. He’s not going to win. He doesn’t have a chance of winning really. But Cuomo is hiding behind this loose cannon to neglect dealing substantively with our community. He’s hiding behind that..."

Here's the latest on Monday's big gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University, which is co-sponsored by Newsday and News12.
hofstra debate masthead.jpg

Your candidates, in alphabetical order, are:

The 90-minute debate starts at 7 p.m. and will be telecast live and commercial-free on News 12 Long Island, News 12 Westchester, News 12 Hudson Valley, News 12 The Bronx, News 12 Brooklyn, Time Warner Cable’s NY1, NY1 Noticias (with Spanish interpretation) and YNN. The debate is also being made available to National Public Radio stations throughout New York State.
If you want to be there in person, 100 tickets are being made available to the general public through a random drawing at, so go there to register before Friday, October 15, at 9:00 a.m. (Ie., step on it!)


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Jack Jodell said...

That Palodino is certainly a basket case! It is a strong indictment against our MSM, I think, that so much attention has been paid to his angry and zany demeanor and that so little attention is paid to anyone or anything else. Spectacle always seems to trump substance. It is a real tragedy and we are being sold short by this!